August 15, 2012

Protect yourself from Identity Theft & Loan Fraud

In order to protect yourself from identity theft that could lead to home equity loan fraud, take the following precautions:

1. Always Use A Shredder To Trash Documents That May Expose Your Personal Financial Data. These Should Also Be Used For All Those Credit Card Offers That You Get In The Mail. If A Criminal Gets His Hands On This, He Can Open Up Credit In Your Name.

2.  If You’re Sending Out Checks, Do It At The Post Office Or At A Drop-Off Box, And Not From Your Home Mailbox. Mail Theft Is A Common Crime.

3.  Don’t Use Your Mother’s Maiden Name, Or Anything That Can Be Obviously Tied To You, As A Password. Make Up A Password That Has Nothing To Do With Your Vital Information.

4.  Never Give Out Your Social Security Number To Someone You Don’t Know Who Initiates A Phone Call. If You Don’t Know The Caller, Ask For A Callback Number … Then, YOU Make The Call, To Verify That The Caller Is Legitimate.

5.  Don’t Put Your Telephone Number Or Your Social Security Number On Your Checks.

6.  Monitor All Your Bank And Credit Card Statements Carefully Every Month. If Something Looks Suspicious, You Can Catch The Problem Early And Save Yourself Time And Money.

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