October 3, 2012

Find a VA Loan expert


While it is not necessary to find a lender who specializes in VA Loans, it helps to find a lender with extensive experience in the field. “What we end up seeing a lot of times is that military veterans really want to use their benefits and end up getting pushed into different lending mechanisms because they are dealing with people who are not aware of the power of the program,” says Chris Birk. Most homeowners are only going to go through the loan process once or twice in their lives, so they really need somebody who understands the intricacies of the program.

“It’s about finding a lender who has the fluency in the program and requirements,” says Birk, “and knows what veterans need in a property so that they aren’t wasting hundreds of dollars on needless appraisals to find out that the home that they are looking for meets the VA’s minimum property requirements or other requirements that are unique to this program that are really geared towards making sure that veterans and their families have a safe, sanitary living environment.”

With minimal effort, homebuyers can find companies who are solely dedicated to ensuring that military members can take advantage of the benefits earned by their service.

Another place that people can look for recommendations for lenders is within their own communities. “It’s such a large, tight knit community across the country,” says Birk, “So, turn to the people at a local VFW hall or within their own family readiness group and use some of those connections and ties. Who they have turned to and who they trust breeds a lot of confidence.”

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